What If This Might Change Your Life?

Mar 7, 2016 | Strengths

My world has completely changed since I discovered Strengths.

It has significantly improved my own relationships with the people I love most. As part of my training to become a Certified Strengths Coach ALL of my close family and friends took the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment to discover their strengths.

This is just a snapshot of what we learned:


My Husband is in my Blind Spots

Firstly, my husband. Who for many years I have loved dearly but is also someone I’ve often wanted to strangle on a regular basis. No surprise to find that ALL of his strengths sit in my Blind Spots. Which means that all my areas of non-strengths are his strengths and amazingly the reverse was also true for him. Those are the ones that you cannot see that frustrate you on a regular basis. Go figure.

As someone with the strength of an Arranger I don’t like routine, so picture one morning, on waking early, I decide to go for a run. When I get home I decide I’m going to juice some fruit for breakfast and start preparing it. Husband comes down at 7.55am and asks me, clearly frustrated: ‘what are you doing? It’s nearly 8am and I always get my breakfast ready where you are standing.’ No surprise that his number 1 strengths is Consistency which means he loves routine. I cannot see this perspective because for me it does not inform my view of the world. My view of the world is informed by my own strengths. By understanding this I have been able to broaden my perspective. He is now my adviser when it comes to considering fairness and what is right and wrong because he sees this and views it much better than I do.

Strengths dramatically improved our relationship and changed our view of our frustrations with each other…


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