“Happiness is not something ready made, it comes from your own actions”

Dalai Lama

Wellbeing Workshops, Tools & Programmes

Enabling a culture of wellbeing across your organisation through focus on food, exercise, emotional health & lifestyle.

Why the focus on Wellbeing?

This year, Sparks has chosen to partner with a Corporate Wellbeing Specialist, Charlotte Jefferies, in response to 3 critical business needs:

1. Wellbeing is a top government priority: Part of UAE’s Vision 2021 is “to support a long, healthy life”.

2. Our wellbeing appears to be deterioratingLast year 2 out of 3 UAE adults were reported as overweight.

3. Wellbeing is defining organisation success: Healthy employees may have a 41% reduction in health costs and 35% lower turnover costs. Not to mention higher productivity.

What is Sparks doing about Wellbeing?

We have 3 core offerings that you can use to engage and inspire your audience/employees to succeed on their wellbeing journey:

Wellbeing Workshops  

Below are a few examples of current popular Wellbeing workshops that can be used as stand-alone courses or can be incorporated into your own bespoke course that has been tailor-made to fit your needs and requirements.

Wellbeing Tools

Our wellbeing toolkit feeds into your employee’s Wellbeing Journey, tracking post-workshop actions to drive change that sticks.

It includes, for example:

Recipe Book

Our basic healthy recipe book can be customised to your organisation’s branding. Use this in an engaging, social competition: Who has the healthiest & tastiest recipe? Encourages employee recipe posting, shows a social media wellbeing footprint against the organisation and can also feed into social “tasting” events. We have communication templates to support your needs.

6 Week Desk & Home Workout

Encourage employees to exercise by sharing this great “Sitercise” routine and home training programme.

Daily exercises to improve posture, core strength and develop fitness.

Healthy Habits Toolkit

Set wellbeing goals with our habit templates including plans, maps and inspirational quotes.

Wellbeing Assessment

Employees can conduct our quick functional health questionnaire to understand how they are fairing in terms of their wellbeing.
This provides a data gathering opportunity for your HR/Benefits Management team.

Wellbeing Programmes

Alongside workshops and tools, we can work with you to build an integrated Employee Wellbeing Programme that inspires new, healthy behaviours at work. This is a 4-9 month collaboration that embeds and integrates seven streams of activities into a strategic and sustainable Employee Wellbeing Programme.

Is this for you?

We encourage this approach for those:

  • Without a current Wellbeing strategy or programme.
  • Who would like a refresh to their existing strategy.
  • Who would simply like support and guidance with the tasks required to embed a culture of wellbeing.

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