Congratulations to Vicki Haverson, our Director of Strengths-based Development

Jul 21, 2016 | Strengths

International coaching and training organisation Sparks International is delighted to congratulate Vicki Haverson, Director of Strengths-Based Development, on becoming a Certified Strengths Coach with Strengths Strategy, the world’s leading strengths application organisation.

The ICF accredited Strengths Strategy Coach Certification Program involves 28 weeks of coursework and 120 hours of world class education and coaching. The course prepares coaches to go beyond merely helping people understand their strengths, to taking clients to the next level through the powerful application of their strengths.

DeAnna Murphy, founder and President of Strengths Strategy said:

“Vicki is a dedicated coach passionate about helping individuals understand and apply their strengths to achieve outstanding results. As a Strengths Strategy Certified Coach she is a master in strengths application and is armed with the tools and skills to achieve statistically significant results for her clients.”

Read more about Vicki here