Stress Buster

Stress Buster – Half day

Did you know that stress is the number one reason for sickness in the workplace?

Stress levels are increasing alongside our pace of life, our technology use and our time on social media. Most of us know when we are really stressed, but what about the times we don’t know?

This half-day workshop lets you identify what stress really is and what is it to you as an individual. We talk about common stressors and look into your specific stress triggers. Listening to some of the top leaders from around the world and how they experience and handle stress forms a useful part of this workshop, along with the opportunity for you to start practicing some common stress-reducing techniques.

We aim for you to walk away from this workshop having had time to reflect on your own stress levels and their impact, along with the knowledge and tools to be able to recognise and better handle stress in the future.

Everyone is susceptible to stress, particularly in the corporate world, so this session is for employees and leaders at all levels.


15 people


Half day



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