MTa Kits

MTa Kits

The use of MTa in developing teams has been used for over 30 years. These unique, robust, creative and innovative experiential learning activities really challenge and push the boundaries in a safe and fun environment.

Effective team building releases every team members’ potential and helps them maximise the performance of the team. When working together towards a common goal, team members will form new relationships, strengthen existing ones and learn more about the people they work with.

MTa’s team building activities are fun, engaging and memorable whilst also providing an opportunity to learn. The activities have been specifically designed to recreate problems commonly encountered at work such as; lack of clarity on objectives; ineffective communications; lack of mutual respect; and low levels of commitment to the team.

And so through using MTa’s activities your team members will learn to commit to common objectives and use their skills effectively.


15 – 20 people


Half or full day



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