Feel Well at Work

Feel Well at Work – Half day

It’s easy to go through our daily life without thinking about our health, or by thinking – I ‘should’ be healthier. It’s also easy to think you are being healthy, when actually you may be doing some fundamental things that are actually standing in the way of a healthier you.

During this interactive workshop, you will assess your current wellbeing status, and identify key elements feeding into the four pillars of your wellbeing – your Food, your Emotional Health, your Exercise and your Lifestyle.

Looking at what might be the best nutrition for you to thrive in the workplace, what type of exercise might suit you based on your lifestyle, this workshop will span your wellbeing agenda.

Creating your own snack from some recommended nutritious ingredients, you will end the session with some takeaway techniques to keep you well at work.

Interactive and effective, this half day workshop is packed with group discussions, survey assessments, recipe making, and more.


15 people


Half day



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