Easy Nutrition

Easy Nutrition – Taster – 1.5 hours

Understanding the world of nutrition and knowing what is healthy, how much of it to eat, when to eat and where to source it from are just some of the confusing aspects of this field.

There are so many contradictions when it comes to food, fueled by the media, our peers, our parents (!), retail providers and other social influences around us.

This lunchtime workshop provides a great overview of the quick nutritional downfalls in an office environment. Looking at stressful eating, the cortisol connection, maintaining energy and satiety throughout the working day and the impact of specific foods on our bodyfat, our sleep and our overarching health.

Dipping into this huge topic provides you with some key facts to take away that you can use to improve your day-to-day diet.

We have made this a “taster” of just 1.5 hours to provide you with some quick wins –however this workshop can be extended into a half or a whole day where you would focus on wider nutritional topics of interest so that employees can fully understand the power of the diet on their health.


20 people


1.5 hours



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