Decisions! Decisions!

Decisions! Decisions!

Decisions! Decisions highlights key elements in the decision-making process and gives teams practice at reaching consensus when faced with tricky decisions. It is excellent for developing decision-making skills and putting customer care values – to the test..

Representing the senior management team of a successful travel company with holidaymakers currently in Borneo, teams are faced with a series of problems. To deal with the problems and keep customer morale high the teams may need to spend money from the profits. Failure to do so may result in customer morale plummeting.

Teams must evaluate each situation and respond from five given options. Failing to solve a problem properly means it re-emerges later. Options are entered into a single computer and the consequences are printed off together with the holidaymakers’ morale – plus the next problem.

No pressure then!


Learning Objectives

  • Shows the value of individual contributions in the decision-making process
  • Highlights the importance of carefully evaluating all options
  • Allows individuals to express their views and then reach consensus
  • Identifies the dilemma of giving maximum customer satisfaction and making a profit
  • Pinpoints individual beliefs and values


20 people


2 – 3 hours



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