Creative Happiness

Creative Happiness – Taster – 1.5 hours

Are you happy?

It’s a hard question for some: What is real happiness? When are you most happy?

These are some of the elements we will discuss in this workshop, looking at what others do to experience real happiness, and what works for us.

The creation of a ‘wellbeing happiness map’ will not only form an intriguing opportunity for you to delve into the psychology of creativity and happiness, but will enable you to map out your happiness connections – from setting clear goals, to spending time with loved ones.

This workshop will allow you to start looking at “happiness” in a new light. Experience some tried and tested techniques that are used in a therapeutic environment to increase personal happiness by getting creative, getting social, getting rid, having time and giving thanks.

This workshop is flexible to run from 1.5 hours over lunch, or can be extended to a half or whole day where techniques are reviewed in more detail and personal happiness plans are developed.


20 people


1.5 hours



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