Building Healthy Habits

Building Healthy Habits – Half day

We all want to be healthier. But listening to the many voices of the media and advertising campaigns without a clear direction and signposting is difficult, and can mean we often end up off the healthy track. This may be choosing a burger over a salad because we know where we can get it and that we like it. It’s a comfortable choice. Or not bothering with the gym because, well, it’s hard! And we didn’t see any results last time so, what’s the point.

During this brilliant workshop, you will identify the WHY? behind your current habits.

Why do we do what we do and how we can break that cycle.

You will set a clear path for your own health, and identify the quick wins that will work for you. Hearing from those who have been through this journey will inspire you and let you know that what seems impossible today is actually perfectly manageable after this workshop.

Interactive with plenty of activities, group discussions and more, this workshop will provide you with everything required to start making those healthy changes today.


15 people


Half day



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