Military Might – Leading the Way through Strengths

Mar 8, 2016 | Strengths

I have recently returned from a skiing trip to a beautiful place called Ruhpolding in the heart of Bavaria.

After a ten year absence from my old military ski championships, and seven years since I left the British Army, it felt amazing to be back amongst people with such positive strengths.

This recent opportunity to ‘review’ how the power of utilising people’s strengths in total collaboration to meet the needs of the requirement was regaled over and over from the many accomplishments of the British Armed Forces.

Now as a civilian living and working in Dubai, I witness daily how many individuals and organisations spend time and energy focusing on people’s perceived weaknesses. As Oprah Winfrey says in ‘What I Know For Sure’, is that we all have weaknesses, so why not focus less on that, and through a better understanding of our strengths and what we’re good at, really unlock true potential.

As a certified Professional Gallup Strengths Coach, I gain tremendous satisfaction from the many individuals and organisations that are now investing their time and energy into a strengths-based approach for a more productive and fulfilling way of living their lives. This also includes in their personal relationships!

Gallup tells us that statistically the chances of someone else having the same top five strengths in the same order as you is one in 33 million. Your strengths are unique to you. Are you really making the most of them every day?

My recent trip sharing valuable insights with the British Army was a powerful reminder of just how strong people and organisations can be when strengths are embraced, weaknesses are understood, and challenges overcome!


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