Mary Eden

Mary Eden

Bangkok Office Manager: Marketing & Communications/ Thailand Event Manager


About Mary

Mary has spent all her working life in the tourism industry in various countries throughout Europe and Asia. Her experience includes operational tourism-based roles as well as marketing, design and communications.

For the last 18 years Mary has been living in Bangkok, Thailand where she currently overseas the Sparks Bangkok office.

She designed our Sparks website; and is responsible for all our marketing and communications requirements including social media and training worksbooks.

Mary is also the Event Manager for our Thailand-based retreats.


Top 5 strengths

  • Adaptability – going with the flow, a now person discovering the future one day at a time
  • Learner – a lifelong learner who thrives in dynamic environments and developing people
  • Input – a quick learner with the ability to find information and share it with others
  • Empathy – a deep listener with the ability to easily see and sense the emotions and perspectives of others
  • Maximizer – helping organisations and individuals to realise and reach their potential



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