A Journey in Strengths Discovery

Mar 31, 2016 | Strengths

I was recently interviewed for an article about Strengths and asked to talk through my own insights to what led me into working in this field. Reflecting on this was hugely enlightening. Here is what I learned:

Your strengths show up at a young age …


When you’re Strengths Spotting, both in yourself and in individuals, the chances are that what you are inherently good was obvious from a very young age. On talking to my parents about this my Dad told me that I was always asking questions of people and wanting to find out information.

No surprise that one of my top strengths is Input – I am naturally inquisitive and have a natural curiosity about most things, particularly people. I remember as child, teenager and young adult being told I was nosey!  As I’ve got older my inquisitiveness has become more selective as my other strengths such as Maximiser – wanting to be the best usually in something selective – has come into play. I’ve also worked to mature my questioning techniques.

Because of the strengths in my top 10 I enjoy developing strong relationships and naturally see and appreciate the individuality of those around me who I want to help be their best.


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