How to be Happy

Mar 20, 2016 | Strengths

We know that when people use their strengths everyday they are happier and report higher levels of over-all well being.

Countless research has shown that when people are happier, as a result of using their strengths effectively, they are more engaged, perform better and produce the very benefits that organisations are looking for – increased productivity, engagement, employee retention and higher profitability.

There has been a skepticism in business about embracing the benefits that come from focusing on ways to increase the happiness and well-being of employees. It is often seen as a soft approach that neither produces results or impacts on the bottom line. It is something that has been shoved under the carpet because, for most people, there has always been a focus on what we aren’t good at from the very moment we were born right through to our adult working years.

But times are changing.


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