• Society of NLP Licensed Business Coach Trainer
  • Society of NLP Licensed Trainer
  • Licensed NLP Executive Coach
  • Licensed NLP Business Master Practitioner
  • Member of Dr Richard Bandler’s (co-founder of NLP) assisting team in London
  • Diploma in Business Performance Coaching
  • Diploma in Life Coaching
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis
  • Piloted the NVQ 4 Telesales for Yellow Pages
  • Xerox and Yellow Sales Certified
  • UK Government registered Growth Accelerator Coach

Fiona Campbell

Senior Associate


About Fiona

Fiona was one of the first NLP Business Coach Trainers globally licensed by the Society.  She delivers NLP training specifically for Business Coaching, Leadership and Enhancing Communication skills.

She has over 40 years business and training experience and has worked internationally for companies such as Xerox and Yellow Pages. Over the past few years she has been delivering NLP and Leadership Development training in the Middle East and India.

She has helped companies achieve over 40% performance increase, 75% reduction in meeting time, retention of key personnel, and smooth transition from management to board level.

Fiona’s international clients include vice presidents and CEOs.

Her positive, strong, mature, challenging and fun approach to learning ensures that her clients engage with her, achieve the results they want and integrate what they learn into the workplace.


Some experience relevant to you

  • Running Leadership Development Programmes for major UAE companies
  • Coaching companies to grow their business
  • Developing NLP based coaching programmes


How Fiona will add value

  • One of the world’s top NLP experts for Leadership Development and Communication Skills
  • Passionate about helping people to be the best they can be
  • Developer of the True Business Leader on-line training courses
  • A highly intuitive Executive Coach capable of working at any level

Top 5 strengths

  • Strategic – Can spot issues and problems easily and find alternatives
  • Relator – a builder of deep and long lasting relationships that matter
  • Responsibility– they take psychological ownership of what they say they will do
  • Self Assurance –  very confident in their decisions that are aligned to their inner compass
  • Deliberative – matches with self assurance as they always anticipate and mitigate obstacles

Knowing Yourself – Enhancing Communication – The Business Leader Series

By Fiona Campbell



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