How to find your Blind Spots

May 10, 2016 | Strengths

We all know that forgetting to check our mirrors and ignoring our Blind Spots when changing lanes on the motorway is dangerous. What is equally dangerous is ignoring our individual Blind Spots which can lead to destructive behaviour and the potential breakdown of relationships. 

Every single one of us has Blind Spots. This is when our mind can’t take in information and, like a Blind Spot in your car review mirror, you can’t see it. A Blind Spot can be defined as an ‘area where you lack awareness of your weaknesses.’ If you consider this from the perspective of your strengths, when we are in our Blind Spot we feel frustrated and confused. It can feel draining and frustrating – rather like the person in-front of us is talking a foreign language that we can’t understand. We can’t see their perspective or meet our own needs, which is when our strengths can show up as weaknesses to those around us as we overuse them to compensate …