Charlotte Jefferies –MA, Dip NT, Dip PT,P

Director of Wellbeing


About Charlotte

Charlotte has 12 years experience in the field of organisational change and wellbeing. A passionate Wellbeing Consultant, Charlotte specialises in behaviour change through implementing food, exercise, emotional health and lifestyle (FEEL) interventions. As a behavioural change specialist, a certified fitness and pilates trainer, nutritional therapist and health coach, Charlotte’s expertise spans the field of Wellbeing.

Starting as a Personal Trainer 12 years ago, Charlotte then spent 10 years in organisational change for global corporations. She completed her 6 years of study at the British College of Nutritional Health whilst focusing on Employee Wellbeing – initially running Nutritional workshops and then bringing together her expertise into the development of FEEL Well Employee Programs.

The success Charlotte achieves with her clients is testament to both her knowledge in the field, alongside the energy she gives to her audience and her programmes.

Top 10 strengths

Positivity • Futuristic • Activator • Ideation • Developer • Empathy • Adaptability • Individualisation • Input • Woo


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