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10 steps to nourishing happiness in the workplace

Are you 'happy'? Have you ever been asked by someone if you’re happy? If so, what was your answer? Perhaps you gave an automatic response in the same way you might answer “How are you?” with “Fine thanks”. But if you really gave it some thought, you’d have had to...

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How to know your STRENGTHS

Check out Vicki Haverson, our Director of Strengths, in the feature ‘How to Know Your Strengths’ in Gulf News Friday Magazine. "When you recognise your strengths and work with them, rather than the qualities that you don’t have, it’s like sprinkling magic dust on your...

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How to find the job you love

If you take the average of the many studies that have been conducted into employee engagement since the 1990's, somewhere in the region of over 80% of the worldwide population hate their job. And these figures aren't budging. That means the majority of us spend a...

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Why we need to start with strengths

Meet Polly. Polly realised she first had talents when she was in the second year of school and invited to be on the debate team. Polly spent hours excitedly writing and rehearsing her speech. She practiced and perfected it. On the day of the debate she stood up proud,...

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